The ‘Leading Your Marraige into the Promised Land’ Film

Derrick and SheilaWe had been married for over six years and we decided to get pregnant. We were unsuccessful with the process of natural fertilization and opted for the in vitro fertilization process. After several appointments with the doctor, the doctor gave us some horrible news.

The news was devastating for both my wife and me. The doctor’s report started our marriage on a different path. Instead of us continuing to be cordial and loving with one another, we were now arguing and pointing fingers at one another. The trust that we had for one another had completely diminished. My marriage was in trouble! What was I going to do!

As the Spiritual Leader in the family, I knew that it was my responsibility to get my marriage back on track. I learned a lot about team building while working on my doctorate degree and decided that team building would put my marriage back on track.


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